Mobility and transportation

Five ways to be mobile with the Strada

1. Just drive off

Sit up relaxed, feel the wind, travel together. With the powerful Bosch drive and the dual battery, your radius expands. Get to know completely new sides of your homeland.

2. To the starting point with the car trailer

Quickly loaded, lashed down, and off you go.

3. Transport on the special bike rack

Remove the bottom bracket boom, drive it onto the side of the carrier using rails, and the trip can begin.

4. Taking it with you in the car

The Strada MAGIC cx can be disassembled or assembled in five to ten minutes. It fits into standard station wagons and many compact cars.

5. Transport on public transport

A challenge, not for everyone and every train, but there are actually active people who practice this environmentally friendly option. To be taken on the train, the bottom bracket boom is removed; the bike remains mobile.

These photos of an amazing bus trip came to us from a customer

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